About the CEO

The Lash Pharmacy, LLC. was founded and curated by Alexia Gillis in 2019. It is a cosmetic line dedicated to makeup enthusiast who find themselves addicted to the lash.

Prior to its launch, Alexia worked tirelessly on marketing strategies, product design, packaging selection, and product selection. 

Her main focus was to make her brand stand out in an over-saturated market. She did this by incorporating her life into the brand. Alexia is currently a Pharmacy student studying at Florida A& M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has experience working in a retail setting where she was able to observe how a pharmacy operates day to day. Her day to day activities consisted of filling prescriptions, stocking shelves, distributing prescriptions to patients, observing patient counseling sessions, and much more.

Alexia also is a makeup enthusiast herself. She loves a beat face and a fierce lash, however, she never quite found the lash that works best for her. This combination of education, work experience, and passion all came together to form her business, The Lash Pharmacy,LLC. The brand ties in all aspects of her life and gives her the ability to tell her story through it.

Alexia, affectionately referred to as 'Lash Doctor', plays the role of the pharmacist in this business. Products from The Lash Pharmacy feature the highest of quality lashes in pink vials. The names of the lashes, affectionately known as Lashscriptions, are derivatives of popular schedule II controlled substances.  While Alexia was working in the pharmacy, she noticed that schedule II drugs were kept in a time sensitive safe. Patients would need a prescription to obtain this narcotic and only the pharmacist was allowed to distribute controlled substances from the safe. Alexia uses a derivative of this entire process as an analogy to the high-quality products the company carries.